13th September 2019, Wilfred Brown Building Auditorium, Brunel University London

Technological advances have had a significant impact on the legal landscape in recent years. Technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud services are regarded as powerful tools to boost the efficiency and productivity of the legal field.

The intersection between law and technology has therefore become a primary subject of discussion among scholars, legal professionals, scientists as well as innovators and technologist. Legal professionals question the extent to which technology influences their interaction with clients and affect their decision-making process. Scientists study the possible evolution toward the creation of a so-called ‘legal engineer’ and the significance of its role in a new legal landscape. Ethical questions as well practices are challenged. Innovators and technologists focus on developing new technologies that facilitate the future of the legal profession. Finally, academics discuss the relationship between technology and regulation by analysing challenges and opportunities provided by technology in the rule-making and oversight process.

This conference brings together all these issues. The debate will explore the increasing integration and use of new technologies in the legal world, and the scale of changes to law and the legal profession. This conference creates a ‘Law-Tech Arena’, as part of the Symposium, for key stakeholders to discuss the future of law and legal profession in connection with technological progress.